Experience Sessions

Tuesday, May 28

TUE 14:00 - 15:45 ES1: System and Service Management
Chair: Henning Sanneck (Nokia Siemens Networks)
Room: Priorzaal
FRA: Financial Risk Analytics for IT Outsourcing Contracts
Sinem Guven (IBM), Shu Tao (IBM)
Assessing Service Deployment Readiness using Enterprise Crowdsourcing
Maja Vukovic (IBM), Jim Laredo (IBM), Yaoping Ruan (IBM), Sriram Rajagopal (IBM), Milton Hernandez (IBM)
Presence Based Open Contact Center Leveraging Social Networks
Arup Acharya (IBM), Shachi Sharma (IBM), Nilanjan Banerjee (IBM), Justin Menweiler (IBM)
A Language Driven Approach to Multi-System Access Control
Steven Davy (Waterford Institute of Technology), Jason Barron (Waterford Institute of Technology), Lei Shi (Waterford Institute of Technology), Bernard Butler (Waterford Institute of Technology), Brendan Jennings (Waterford Institute of Technology), Keith Griffin (Cisco)

TUE 16:30 - 18:15 ES2: Network Management
Chair: Nikos Anerousis (IBM)
Room: Priorzaal
Multi-vendor Auto-Connectivity in Heterogeneous Networks
Peter Szilagyi (Nokia Siemens Networks), Henning Sanneck (Nokia Siemens Networks)
Large-Scale Geolocation for NetFlow
Pavel Celeda (Masaryk University), Petr Velan (CESNET), Martin Rabek (Masaryk University), Rick Hofstede (University of Twente), Aiko Pras (University of Twente)
Practical Experience with IPFIX Flow Collectors
Petr Velan (CESNET)
A System for Monitoring Mobile Networks using Performance Management Events
Sajeevan Achuthan (Ericsson), Jimmy O'Meara (Ericsson)

Wednesday, May 29

WED 11:15 - 12:30 ES3: Data Center and Cloud Management
Chair: Shinji Kikuchi (Fujitsu)
Room: Refter
Optimizing Information Technology Resource Allocations to Ensure Mission Outcomes in a Dynamically Changing Environment
Diane Mularz (MITRE), J. Patrick Van Metre (MITRE)
Pattern Detection in Unstructured Data: An Experience for a Virtualized IT Infrastructure
Mazda Marvasti (VMware), Arnak Poghosyan (VMware), Ashot Harutyunyan (VMware), Naira Grigoryan (VMware)
Workload Analysis and Demand Prediction for the HP ePrint Service
Vipul Garg (Hewlett Packard), Lucy Cherkasova (Hewlett Packard), Swaminathan Packirisami (Hewlett Packard), Jerry Rolia (Hewlett Packard)
Benefits and Challenges of Managing Heterogeneous Data Centers
Jinho Hwang (The George Washington University), Sai Zeng (IBM), Frederick Wu (IBM), Timothy Wood (The George Washington University)