IM 2013 Highlights


  1. 233 technical session paper submissions, 355 overall submissions, 368 conference attendees - An impressive set of numbers in the recent history of IM/NOMS.
  2. High quality papers, top keynotes and keynote speakers, opportunity to see theory in action at demostrations and exhibits, and much more - The quality of this year's program is very high.
  3. Real-time twitterwall, photostream, mobile version of conference program - The online social/mobile presence works quite well.
  4. Great location, delicious food, good social events - The local arrangement is really great.
  5. Nice weather, little rain, no snow - Remarkable cloud management

Daily Digest

Day 1 (May 27): After 2 years of extensive preparation, IM 2013 took place today in the city of Ghent, Belgium

  1. Total number of registered attendees: 367
  2. Conference venue: Het Pand (a 12th century monastery located in the city center of Ghent)
  3. We had 8 mini-conference sessions, 4 tutorials, and 2 workshops on Day 1
  4. Great Q&A in the sessions and dynamic conversation during coffee breaks
  5. We ordered 170 count of lunch servings with a variety of mini-sandwiches and dessert cups. Only a few sandwiches left one hour later
  6. A beautiful sunny day. Perfect time for lunch outside in the court yard
  7. All Twitter messages and Flickr pictures are integrated at one place and continually played in four LCD screens in the venue
  8. The reception was held at the Ghent City Hall with a large variety of Belgium appetizers, beers, and wines. The beers were so popular and a second van was called after a brief supply break

Day 2 (May 28): IM 2013 main conference started today

  1. About 280 participants attended the welcome + keynotes sessions this morning
  2. Local Chair Dr. Danny Goderis welcomed us to Ghent and gave an exciting introduction of iMinds, the local research organization
  3. We had 2 keynotes, 6 technical paper sessions, 2 experience sessions, and 1 panel on Day 2
  4. Very interactive panel session on big data management: 15 mintues panlist presentation + 60 minutes extensive discussions
  5. Lunch at a monastery-styled restaurant. Comments from one attendee: the conference is delicious
  6. After a sunny morning and a leisure walk back from the restaurant, a big cloud managed to come and left us a refreshing shower
  7. TNSM Editorial Meeting took place in the afternoon coffee break. Rolf Stadler will be the new EiC starting 1/2014
  8. CNOM/IFIP TC6.6 Meeting took place at the end of the day. Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville will be the new chair for CNOM. Olivier Festor will be the new chair for IFIP TC6.6

Day 3 (May 29): While the sun didn't cast over the cloud, the conference program keeps shining very well today

  1. Dr. Robert Saracco started the day with a dynamic and fashionable keynote, scrolling an iPad while drawing the picture for the future  (250 witness)
  2. Day 3 program: 2 keynotes, 5 technical paper sessions, 2 dissertation sessions, 2 poster sessions, 1 experience session, 1 demo/exhibit session, and 1 panel
  3. The newly introduced demo/exhibit session, collocated with the extended lunch break, provided additional exposure to selected papers: very well received
  4. Two dissertation sessions, composed of 7 dissertations, encouraged Ph.D. students to present their best work to the wider audience
  5. NOMS 2014 TPC/OC meeting took place in the afternoon coffee break - everyone is very welcome to submit one or more papers
  6. 5 boats, 250 people, 45 minutes boat tour: a stylish and non-swimming way to travel to the banquet restaurant
  7. Banquet at the famous Rekelingestraat restaurant - located at the previous fish market with illuminated fishes still swimming above
  8. Dr. Raouf Boutaba, NOMS/IM Steering Committee Chair, announced the location of IM 2015: Ottawa, Canada

Day 4 (May 30): Final day but a wonderful day of the IM main conference

  1. Day 4 program: 2 keynotes, 4 technical sessions, and 2+1 panels
  2. Clearly a strong panel day with 2 regular panels on SDN and automation, plus 1 distinguished expert panel
  3. JNSM Editorial Meeting took place in the morning coffee break. EiC Deep Medhi keeps the journal running strongly among all Springer journals
  4. The sun came out again during the closing plenary. Nice cloud management to help the focus on technical program
  5. Many positive feedback from the attendees. Appreciate the various discussion that leads to new ideas, new collaborative opportunities, and much more
  6. A number of awards announced including 2 best paper awards for the paper from NTT and the paper from IBM/Broadcom
  7. The prestigious Dan Stokesberry Award goes to Dr. James Hong - Congratulations James!
  8. Applause to the local arrangements team: You have done a wonderful job!

Day 5 (May 31): The conference activities keeps going lively on the last day of the conference

  1. Day 5 program: 3 tutorials and 2 workshops
  2. Interesting tutorials on Network Programming, Internet of Things, and Programmable Clouds: very well received
  3. Intensive discussions on QCMan workshop and DANMS workshop: both during the sessions and in the coffee/lunch breaks
  4. The sun shined well in the afternoon.Where did the cloud go
  5. Two special interactive sessions took place in Bruges and Brussels: both are conveniently reachable by trains
  6. All conference photos can be found at
  7. Happy 25th anniversary of IM/NOMS! Hope you have enjoyed the conference as much as we do
  8. See you soon in the next NOMS/IM/CNSM event!